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30 Aug 2017

Benjamín Friman dresses Paris Hilton’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

As if she were a fantastic creature, Paris Hilton bewitched the public that every Sunday participated in the Foam&Diamonds party in the nightclub Amnesia in Ibiza. Thousands of people dancing to the rhythm of the music and admiring Paris Hilton who became the priestess of a hedonistic and playful ritual. During one of her star appearances, Paris became a 21st century fairy dressed by Benjamín Friman. The combination of transparencies and flowers strategically placed on the dress evokes the innocence […]

08 Aug 2017

SPICY SUMMER by Benjamin Friman, a perfume that captures all the sensuality of summer

Our perfume, Spicy Summer by Benjamín Friman, exudes the sensuality that the summer heat brings to our lives. The aroma of Spicy Summer takes us to the freedom of summer, in which the five senses give us the most intense experiences. Depending on the skin, the perfume acquires floral or citric notes, with the presence of the aroma of the geranium, that takes us to the south. Lime, lemon, orange and bergamot make the essence of Spicy Summer, in which […]